Friday, 9 May 2014

touring diary 3

And here we are the last part of the South Island was the Nelson Tasman region. Yes it was good to get into the sun to beautiful Nelson and surrounds.
Here we are in Motuekas Parkland school and as obvious, the great new magnet stickers that arrived the night before the tour, decorate my car. In the afternoon I gave a marionette making workshop to the teachers. It is so cool, the teachers can record the workshop on their ipads and show the pupils.
The Dwarfs in St Joseph's School Nelson that participated in Snow white and the seven Dwarfs. They are the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dwarfs. My Marionette is the Sunday Dwarf and they had great interaction and talked about the hard daily grind of their work.

Nelson and surrounds has a great mix of people. It was so nice to see a number of house trucks on the road. Sort of reminded me on my first ever OE in the US in the early seventies. The great thing when you get older, your memories increase. 30 years ago on my first tour here the region was still very much a potters paradise with I say 100 or so, now you really have to know where to go to find one.

From now on until December the touring will focus on the North Island. Though hope to be back down south early in 2015. 

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