Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Marionette Gallery 19 - Part of Beauty and the Beast

Fresh of the press.... no not really. Fresh from the workshop.  This creature is the little helper of the Beast from the well know story Beauty and the Beast. It will start touring in 2015.  The first time I made an unpainted figure. The wood is half rotten and worm eaten totara, a native timber of New Zealand. You can notice that nicely looking at the hands. In essence it is a shoulder piece with the two hands attached by strings. The head is free floating and can move up and down as well as sideways by manipulating the control. The idea was to have something a little bit scary. No reason to freak out your audience. This figure moves just brilliantly and expressively. It will be a real joy to work with. You might say it is just an elaborate 3 string marionette and you would be right. Why not try your own. Enjoy the process and the handling of such creatures. Cheers  Norbert

Monday, 20 October 2014

Puppet Collection 3 Turkey


Way back during the big Festival in India I met Hayali Torun Celebi the master shadow puppeteer from Turkey. We got on very well and he agreed to sell me the beautifully crafted puppets and story board. Coloured leather, they are a pleasure to look at and handle. There is so much one could write about shadow puppets and its history in these parts of the world. More than 300 years is a lot of history and under puppetry and politics there could be a lot to be said to. Karagoz and his friend did not hold back in comments to current developments. I wonder what they would have to say to the conflicts in the area in 2014. But here its just an introduction to maybe starting your own collection. Puppets of all shapes and kinds are an interesting part of world history. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Marionette Gallery 18 - City living

His latest position was as a security guard at the art gallery. He came in existence as I contemplated cities and what it does do to people. Well it drew a long bow in the development but this sort of cubist figure is a joy to get on stage in a variety of shows. It still surprises the audience as they might suddenly realize that everything is possible with those marionettes. At the end they are not real people but creations of our creativity and there are no limits to it.

Monday, 6 October 2014


It is nearly a year ago that I started this blog not knowing what to expect and where it might take me. So far it was and is rather enjoyable and its great to share. About my hometown, yes those brilliant days do happen here, though Wellington is very much known for being windy. No wonder as it is in the roaring forties. But as you know by now there are puppet activities happening here. After nearly a year it is time to thank you all for your interest in checking out my blog. Cheers  Norbert