Saturday, 3 December 2016

Videos of the exhibition in Waikato Museum in Hamilton

The little videos are done with my phone. It is a great exhibition and I am very happy with the result after month and month of emails and planning. A beautiful show of my work and an additional introduction to puppets around the world. The Museum told me that during the large earthquake in Kaikoura not long ago, the marionettes started to move and dance with the earthquake waves. Bit spooky when I saw the video. Might be able to get a copy later. Cheers enjoy


Two media pieces on the Waikato Exhibition, enjoy :)

And a little clip of an interesting installation for the children

Monday, 17 October 2016

Waikato Museum Exhibition of my work, first images :)

Enjoy some photos The Waikato Museum send me about the exhibition of my work. More in November when I a show and a guided tour to work on.

Ok for the non New Zealanders, Waikato is a region of New Zealand. It is south of Auckland, about one hour drive from there. Hamilton is its regional centre with a beautiful Museum complex. Well worth a visit!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Marionette Gallery 28 - Till Eulenspiegel

Till Eulenspiegel is the figure of a trickster. Most cultures have such a creation. It seem to cater for a deep cultural need. The person that questions the rules and plays tricks. Till is a figure from my cultural background in Germany. An early creation, probably 25 to 30 years ago. The stories around this person, based in the middle ages are fun and the humour goes down well even today. Usually I did two sketches for a show. Check it out on line, there is lots to be discovered. Oh yes his grave is in Moelln in northern Germany. But was he real?

Marionette Gallery 27 - The wheelchair veteran as a younger man

Marionette Gallery 16 shows you the war veteran in the wheelchair. Here is is in younger days before he went through his war experiences. It was part of the production - Fading memories - that toured New Zealand. Well he had cameo appearances in other shows. You might like to go back to the other Gallery entry and compare the two. He certainly is not the happiest character from a starter. But looking back in history, those days in the beginning of the century where not the happiest full stop. Work was hard and long and our more entertainment based contemporary culture is a far cry from pre war times.
You will know by know that I create characters that perform together. Bit like actors and actresses that have to get on with each other for the production. Over the years though some of my creations have become rather typecast.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Waikato Museum Exhibition

The exhibition in Te Papa our National Museum is extended until January 2017. But parallel there is a large retrospective of my work in Hamilton. It will open on the 15 of October and certainly worth a visit :)

 Check out the announcement. More when it is all up and ready.

Cheers and thanks for checking out my Blog

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Marionette Gallery 26 - Pehanetonga

This figure was part of Mustava and the Kauri Giant. It is part of the Te Papa Collection now. Beside the Patupaiarehe, it saves the last Kauri and it is my idea of this mythological creature. Inspired by Polynesian and Maori carvings it had a powerful impact. The fourth head appears behind the three and his eyeballs, made of paua shell pull out with a long piece of fabric attached. This turns to the magic moments where the Kauri starts to see, speak and walk.  

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Marionette Gallery 25 - Show special

Davida Allen is an Australien artist. Many years ago I was ask to create a show for one of her exhibitions. Looking at the paintings, they were inspiration enough. The idea came to me to make one of her painted creatures come to life. The result is seen above. A rather expressionistic head with something resembling arms sticking from her head. This figure escaped the painting and had to be reunited with it. A fun show to create. Yes the mouth moved to add some more action.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Marionette Gallery 24 - The Moon

The Moon certainly has a hard time playing another role. Typecasting at its best I suppose. The main show he performed in was - Mustava and the Moon. A lovely space show with aliens and a spaceship, satellites and comets. The backdrop was painted star constellations which gave a good start to follow up work in schools. The photo does not give the size of the figure. With about 900 mm from top to bottom it is large for me. Still love it after all these years. Even though it comes over as slightly spooky to some viewers. might be good? How often have you met the Moon? :) 

Monday, 16 May 2016

GREAT news! We are part of the Te Papa collection :)

The marionettes seen above are now part of the permanent collection of TE PAPA. Regular readers of my Blog will know that this is the National Museum of New Zealand here in Wellington. Having this multicultural show, Mustava and the Kauri Giant, become part of their permanent collection is just such a great honour. Also, hopefully, a great step for the recognition of puppetry in this country. As well they decided to take my oldest figure. A fabric creation that dates back a good 40 plus years, see below. Such a great palace for it to cover my development as an artist and puppeteer over all these years. Being represented at Te Papa after over 30 years touring New Zealand and making this country my home is a great acknowledgement of my work. Am very happy :)
The current exhibition on the fourth floor of Te Papa will also be extended to January 2017. Still time for everyone interested to have a look.Don't miss it.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Yes still going

Sorry Sorry for the long non postings. Building your own house just takes so much longer than thought. 12 month later the internet is on and its great to have my small 4 walls around me :) :) :)
What is happening in the world of puppetry here in New Zealand. For me its
on the road again. After being part of the Hamilton Fringe. Yes loooook closely and you can see poster. bottom row third one in. A bit later there was a holiday programme with shows and workshop with some crazy puppet results. Look at the image of THE CAT this child made. It was lovely and a great effort. Loved it, great times in Hamilton.
And then its touring the country. Hope to see you at one of the shows. :)