Friday, 4 September 2015

update what was on and whats coming up.

The organising committee of the upcoming puppet festival decided that apart from their takings should go to the above mentioned organisation. They wrote back a very nice thank you note and added if someone might be able and interested to add a show to their upcoming event. Well I thought its a great idea and volunteered.

All a bit late here in the blog but it was an enjoyable occasion. Even though the venue was far from ideal and I had the flu. It got filmed and as soon as I have a copy I will share it with you.

Apart from the usual school shows the next big event is certainly the festival in under a month. Rose and all the other members are doing a brilliant job and hope to find some of the blog readers there.

Just received news that next year will be a big one for me in the Waikato for me. Thats the Hamilton region south of Auckland for our overseas readers. ill keep you posted.

 Greetings from the first official week of spring here in Wellington. Cheers

Invite header
Build momentum for better housing for our children
Thursday 27th August 
5.30pm - 7.30pm 


The Backbencher Pub
34 Molesworth St

Master Puppeteer, Norbert Hausberg and Wellington musician Nigel Parry

Places are limited so  please RSVP to Celia
 by  24/08/2015
koha on the door would be appreciated 

Dear Susan,

This month, CPAG is campaigning to raise public and political awareness about the poor housing conditions endured by children and families living in poverty in New Zealand.  

Please join us at a special Wellington CPAG event on 27 August to support this campaign.

Master Puppeteer, Norbert Hausberg and Wellington musician Nigel Parry
Have Your Say, Advocate! 
You can help to support this housing campaign by;
  • Writing a letter to the editor of your community or local newspaper
  • Writing to or meet with your local MP to discuss the issue and gain support
  • Get talking, have conversations and discuss this serious issue with your neighbours, workplaces, clubs and other groups.
Please see attachments and information below for details on the Campaign Asks and Key Messages 
  • CPAG housing campaign background 
  • CPAG Campaign Ask
  • CPAG Key Messages 

Campaign Ask
CPAG is calling on the Government to act urgently to make sure all rental accommodation is healthy and affordable for families.
  1. Introduce and enforce a WOF for housing
  2. Introduce subsidies to get rentals up to a healthy standard.
  3. Urgently review and update Accommodation Supplement.

Key Messages 
  • Every child deserves the best start in a warm, dry, secure home
  • Children thrive in warm, dry, secure homes
  • Children have a right to decent housing - under UNCROC
  • Poor families are at the back of the queue for housing
  • Unhealthy housing is making children and families sick.
  • Shifting from home to home, overcrowding and sickness stop children learning.
  • Wrap them up warm - urgent action needed to winter-proof our rental housing.
  • State housing is vital part of the safety net for poorest families - need firm commitment from Govt to this fulfil this role
As always, thank you for supporting CPAG. 
We look forward to seeing you soon!   
The CPAG Team

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