Monday, 16 May 2016

GREAT news! We are part of the Te Papa collection :)

The marionettes seen above are now part of the permanent collection of TE PAPA. Regular readers of my Blog will know that this is the National Museum of New Zealand here in Wellington. Having this multicultural show, Mustava and the Kauri Giant, become part of their permanent collection is just such a great honour. Also, hopefully, a great step for the recognition of puppetry in this country. As well they decided to take my oldest figure. A fabric creation that dates back a good 40 plus years, see below. Such a great palace for it to cover my development as an artist and puppeteer over all these years. Being represented at Te Papa after over 30 years touring New Zealand and making this country my home is a great acknowledgement of my work. Am very happy :)
The current exhibition on the fourth floor of Te Papa will also be extended to January 2017. Still time for everyone interested to have a look.Don't miss it.

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