Saturday, 1 October 2016

Marionette Gallery 27 - The wheelchair veteran as a younger man

Marionette Gallery 16 shows you the war veteran in the wheelchair. Here is is in younger days before he went through his war experiences. It was part of the production - Fading memories - that toured New Zealand. Well he had cameo appearances in other shows. You might like to go back to the other Gallery entry and compare the two. He certainly is not the happiest character from a starter. But looking back in history, those days in the beginning of the century where not the happiest full stop. Work was hard and long and our more entertainment based contemporary culture is a far cry from pre war times.
You will know by know that I create characters that perform together. Bit like actors and actresses that have to get on with each other for the production. Over the years though some of my creations have become rather typecast.

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