Tuesday, 7 February 2017

End of two exhibitions and packing up

At the end of January Te Papa had a Maori ceremony to close the beautiful exhibition of my marionettes and other on the floor to make room for a complete remake of the area. A few days later the really successful Waikato exhibition closed. Te Papa is easy as I just drive down the road. For the Waikato exhibition it was a 7 hour drive. They put all the marionettes in an extra gallery so it was easy to bag them and put them in my station wagon. A nice drive and great weekend. North of Auckland at the Orewa estuary arts centre will be the next exhibition in July this year. It is their second one on puppets and it will have lots of activities as well.

 Very nice of the Museum to give me the display cabinet with a bare marionette so visitors can get an idea how they work. That was pretty successful and hope that Orewa will see it in July.

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