Sunday, 26 March 2017

Smallest Punch and Judy ever

Greytown is a small picturesque town in the Wairarapa. About one hour drive from the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. It is part of a larger farming community and you have the nice coffee shops and bakeries and other little luxuries. About 20 meter of the main road, in a little side street is the very quaint little shop of Imperial Productions. It is advertised on the main road and I knew it produces toy soldiers which does not interests me particularly. Though a few days ago I made the point to have a look. I was pretty much blown away and not by the wind. This tiny shop has an amazing range of figures. All done by David and his daughter Lisa. For a two person team it is even more extraordinary what they do. As you expect, what caught my eye was a beautiful miniature Punch and Judy box with two children as the audience. It is a certain must have for me. Am completely taken in by it and am certain this is the smallest Punch and Judy set ever.

Images will follow so far you can only see it on their website, the link below. Its TA55 :)

Enjoy this little delight

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