Sunday, 8 December 2013

Snow White and the seven Dwarfs

Another Brothers Grimm Fairytale that will tour New Zealand in 2014. The collection of their fairy-tales was first published in Germany more than 200 years ago!
And no, Walt Disney did not write the story he just used it once the copyright had expired. 

Though like Rumpelstiltzkin you can look at a lot of different readings for this story. The moral aspects, the greed of the stepmother, the charity of the Dwarfs to help Snow White and others are great follow up possibilities in the classroom or at home. You might argue that we spend too little time talking about moral questions.  Just like other stories that Strings Attached performs there are modern references and amusement for all ages. What was the stepmother’s original profession? What do the Dwarfs really think of all this? What does the hunter do when he is scared? Many questions like this will be answered once you see us live. And last but not least we promise a happy end! For now, let’s hear it from one of the participants.
Thanks, Cheers and see you soon.


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