Saturday, 30 November 2013

Do Marionettes talk?

How do we, the Marionettes, talk? Yes certainly there is a recorded voice or someone just talking for it. Though how do you catch the character you want to portrait? The voice is a very strong lead  for each character on stage. You may choose a high or low voice, a growl or lisp, a funny voice or a straight up intonation. The range is staggering and as an actor you are trained in the ways to modify your voice for a given occasion. The carved figure is helping here as it portraits a character in itself. The above is a small sample of voice  and I will add some more to give the contrast. Being a solo performer, it is at times a challenge to get the right tone that contrasts enough with all the others in the show. They have to be clear and audible, pinpointing the character of the Marionette and giving clues to the audience. Intonation and the play with dialects and tone, I love that aspect of getting a production on stage. Here are a few options for the same character, have a look and listen.
 Any favourites so far? Try the next two maybe they will do!?

What do you think? The top one is his usual stage voice.  Cheers

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