Saturday, 15 February 2014

marionette control - not only for the specialist

You Google it and do some research in libraries and soon you find that there are many many ways to string a Marionette. It is certainly a very important part in its creation! The first video shows you my basic control from which I try and change and adapt it to what I need for a particular show or Marionette. One of the additional problems for me is that performing solo you should be able to operate it with one hand. Wait are you one handed? No, having one Marionette on stage is not enough for a good show.... most of the time.

Most of my controls are made of Beech wood, Kauri or Matai. Reads fussy, but the feel of the wood in your hand and the technical qualities it needs for a good operation is important. Pine just does not feel right.

The dimensions you can get from me holding it. I suppose having learnt with a very similar control it might be just what you are used to you might think. Though having two Marionettes in your hands most of the time they both want action. This control facilitated all this very well. Over the years I adapted it to my trick marionettes as well as my animals. Put the base form horizontal and it opens up many possibilities.

For my seven Dwarfs I created a control that gives me three groups of Dwarfs. They all fit together and march in seven at the time. Pretty impressive for the audience.

Should you have any questions just write a comment.  Thanks

 Here you can see the 10mm dowel extending out for the nose string, lifts the head to look up.

This is the control I use for the trick marionette in an earlier blog. Double strings in parts and not easy to operate.

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