Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Touring 2014 and happy memories

Thanks for all the returns so far, it shows up to become an exciting touring year. My last visit to a lot of parts of Aotearoa is well remembered. Certainly gives me a nice feeling about the work done over the years. The Marionettes and myself are very much looking forward to visiting the length and breadth of our lovely pacific country.

Waitiangi Day!!!! And listing to the programme on National Radio made me think of 1990. Strings Attached was one of the invited groups to performer at Waitangi for the 150 year celebrations. Staying up there and witnessing those days was a memory I will not forget. The Bay was filled with large sailing ships from around the world and wakas were going to and fro. For me as a new New Zealander then it was like a time warp. It was glimpse into the past and a promise to the future. The show I did was Mustava and the Moon for the ongoing programme in the visitor’s centre of the Waitangi grounds. For certain an event and experience I will not forget.

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