Saturday, 1 March 2014

Blast from the past

A lot of the theatre props and marionettes were stored at a friend’s dry and cosy garage. Now my dining room/ kitchen is filled with wooden boxes and large trunks from times gone past.  Sorting and discovering, oh man - time warp. I stumbled upon the first marionette I ever made. Being inspired by the Figurentheater Triangel that performed at a festival, I went home and experimented with material as a source for  marionettes. Well worth to google this Dutch Theatre for everyone interested in puppetry. They did extraordinary shows and were part of the International Festival here in Wellington many years ago.

This rather large nosed figure of mine dates back about 38 years, well before New Zealand became my home. It started as a marionette but later was turned into a rod puppet variation. It was so long ago now I do not remember how it talked, what dialect or tone of voice, maybe it was and is one of the few figures that escaped my flow of words? Two more figures from this time have survived a spider and a wheelchair bound person. A number might still be with friends from those days, as a memory before I immigrated. Certainly it is nice to see those three again. Though carving is a more interesting way to create puppets for me and I started this soon after these three saw the light of day.

You might like to go bach to the Blog entry Marionette Gallery 7 or Trick Marionette to see two of my latest creations during 2013.


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