Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk

Dear Jack he is only 420mm and rather small compared to the 1050mm large Giant. It is the largest Marionette I ever build and with the possibility of his jaw dropping down low, a surprising figure. Jack for me has never been the happy guy. In the original tale they had to sell their only cow to try to survive. Tales like Oliver Twist come to mind. The story was first published in 1807 according to Wikipedia. Those were no fun times and the very poor struggled for a living. Mayhews book London labour and the London pour is a great read to illustrate those days. What moral do we have here? Jack stole from the rich and nasty Giant and made a fortune. We sympathise with him but should we? Great show to bring in moral and values as well as easily adaptable to our contemporary existence. Bank failure and interest rates, rich and poor, bailouts and excessive debt, the list could go on. And you might ask why is the giant so rich on the first place? 

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