Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Marionette Gallery 19 - Part of Beauty and the Beast

Fresh of the press.... no not really. Fresh from the workshop.  This creature is the little helper of the Beast from the well know story Beauty and the Beast. It will start touring in 2015.  The first time I made an unpainted figure. The wood is half rotten and worm eaten totara, a native timber of New Zealand. You can notice that nicely looking at the hands. In essence it is a shoulder piece with the two hands attached by strings. The head is free floating and can move up and down as well as sideways by manipulating the control. The idea was to have something a little bit scary. No reason to freak out your audience. This figure moves just brilliantly and expressively. It will be a real joy to work with. You might say it is just an elaborate 3 string marionette and you would be right. Why not try your own. Enjoy the process and the handling of such creatures. Cheers  Norbert

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