Monday, 20 October 2014

Puppet Collection 3 Turkey


Way back during the big Festival in India I met Hayali Torun Celebi the master shadow puppeteer from Turkey. We got on very well and he agreed to sell me the beautifully crafted puppets and story board. Coloured leather, they are a pleasure to look at and handle. There is so much one could write about shadow puppets and its history in these parts of the world. More than 300 years is a lot of history and under puppetry and politics there could be a lot to be said to. Karagoz and his friend did not hold back in comments to current developments. I wonder what they would have to say to the conflicts in the area in 2014. But here its just an introduction to maybe starting your own collection. Puppets of all shapes and kinds are an interesting part of world history. 

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