Saturday, 22 November 2014

Let there be light - about my stagelights

Not that long ago in historic terms, electricity did not rate a mention. Nobody had a switch on the wall and if they had, nothing happened. The shows were done by candlelight or the old oillamps. Gas came later well and electricity is a recent arrival. Part of the stories about puppets coming alive, is in my opinion due to these live flames that flicker and move. Todays flicker is so short we do not notice it with the human eye. So what do I use to light up my stage? The shows I do tend to be in a darkened environment with my zoomspots ajusted on the stage.
For the last 25 plus years I used the selecon zoomspot 650. The company in those days was New Zealand owned and operated and is now part of Philips. They did and do a great service and are sturdy and reliable. Great choice all those years ago. Still going after all those years is without question a sign of great quality. And surving 25 plus years with a touring company is simply outstanding!
Here they are in the back of my Nissan Cefiro Stationwagon. They have seen the world and apart from the ocassional change of the light bulb and a broken cable, they are as good as they were on the first day. Yes scratches and marks are part of aging.
Here is an image of my standard setup during one of my shows on the Auckland/ Northland tour. The lights are on and the show starts. The beam is ajusted to a rectangle to fit the stage and not light up the surrroundings. Sometimes my marionettes should do a show by candlelight in a drafty tent. Just to hark back to the beginnings of our profession.

Just great light power and they use less energy. So happy with them! If they last as long as the first lot Iight actually be retired. :) Cheers and keep the lights on!

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