Tuesday, 11 November 2014

touring diary 7 and a few things of interest

Yes the year is coming to and end and in mid November the last leg of the year around New Zealand will happen. Auckland and Northland for three weeks. Pretty excited about it. In the mean time it was shows around Wellington. Maybe I should write more about it. But its being home for me, sort of not touring. Here we are packing again and being on the road in my Nissan station wagon. Yes same thing as in the beginning of the year. Though different scenery ... I'll keep you updated.

October 2015 will see a  puppet festival in Wellington!!!!!!!!
Preparations are on the way for next years touring programme. Apart from New Zealand over the year 2015 with Beauty and the Beast, there is a good chance for Europe!!!! So if you are interested that we visit your country and do some performances, let me know. :-)

Thanks for the email asking about purchasing a puppet. Yes that's possible. I can even create a whole set for your theatre. Just get in contact.

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