Saturday, 11 July 2015

Exhibition at Te Papa / National Museum of New Zealand 1

Tuesday, 16 June the exhibition opened of some of my marionettes and I was certainly excited. Not being part of the Museums world I had no idea about all the things that have to happen before the public can see the Marionettes. There were photos to be take, texts to be written, conservators and display specialists to be talked to. Marionettes had to be restrung to fit into display cases. The photos should give you a behind the scene look.

Here I have to restring my Goethe Marionette to fit the displaycase.

The display specialist had to create special constructions to facilitate the display. Pretty cool I thought and a very creative way to show them.

Being present for the installation was also interesting. Lights had to be adjusted and after a few trials and errors everything was 100%.

Here they are in special storage boxes before they are hung in the cases. For me they are my everyday tool of the profession though as soon as they enter the museums world it is all white gloves an conservation requirements.

Shortly after the two cases were closed the opening ceremony happened with a Karakia by the Kaumatua of Te Papa. Very moving moment for me and very much a unique New Zealand experience. A number of my friends and all the staff of Te Papa involved in the set up of the exhibition were present. There were speeches and songs and the public could enjoy them on display for the next year.

More about the exhibition in my next blog entry. Cheers

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