Sunday, 12 July 2015

Exhibition at Te Papa / National Museum of New Zealand 2

Here are some photos of the display. No question I think it looks mighty and am super happy with it.

The large case shows three figures from my production - Mustava and the Kauri Giant. All carved and painted they still look perfect after years of touring

Beside Goethe is the first Marionette I made. Sewn out of old t-shirts and fabric I found at home. Later I turned it into a hand puppet, so nice to see it on display. 

New Zealand is a bilingual country. Maori and English are to be seen on all the display boards. Yes and for all puppeteers, Karetao means puppet. Have a look in one of my earlier blogs about a traditional Maori Karetao I have.

And this is where it is all happening, the Discovery Centre on the fourth floor of Te Papa. Don't miss out you have a year to pop in and have a look.

Here is another one of those boards. Yes, te kaha o the karetao - puppet power. Enjoy :)

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