Monday, 6 January 2014

30 years!!

30 Years Strings Attached in New Zealand!  To celebrate we organise a tour throughout New Zealand from Bluff to Kaitaia. Certainly there are a lot of memories as I have worked in schools that are sadly no longer there. Closed, sold and merged with other schools for many reasons, the population shift north is also changing the face of all of New Zealand.  Witnessing the changes this country went through in those 30 years was phenomenal on all levels, though exciting and thrilling as well. 

                                This photo - copyright to the Press Newspaper Christchurch New Zealand
This first photo was taken by the Press Newspaper in Christchurch accompanied by an article headlined The Master of the Marionettes. 

This second one is a recreation 30 years later in my dining room.  Spot the many differences and have a day with a Puppet Master in Wellington.

Took a while, dug the glasses out, somehow they survived. Repacked puppet boxes to find the three beggars, part of a number of plays including the Hans Sachs Fastnachtspiele. Pose in the same way, put on the same smile... didn't realise that recreations are more difficult than thought. For space reasons lets not start with all the stories that could be told. Enjoy the year and catch up with us somewhere in New Zealand or overseas.

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