Saturday, 4 January 2014

Marionette Gallery 5 - grandma -

Like I mentioned before all the carved characters are individuals that work together for a show. Like you produce actors that you assemble for a production. Frequently I carve and create away in the workshop and do not know where this new creation will end up playing a part.  In the end you have a more interesting combination of characters. Although creating women characters is more difficult for me. Males and monsters are easy, maybe because I am male, women take more time and are tricky. Which does not mean there are non. Today I thought I introduce one of my leading ladies. Lets put age before whatever, and show you my 'grandmother'. She worked in Mustava and the Kauri Giant and Titanic as well as minor roles in other productions. You might think she looks homely but she certainly is a no nonsense down to earth character. She is in the running for the productions of 'Frau Holle' a Grimms Fairytale that is in the planning stage. The story has an all female cast which will be a bit of a challenge.

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