Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Masks in Australia - German Summerschool

 Hey where are the puppets? Well this is another branch of my activities.

For a week January I was invited to give a workshop for the Goethe Institute Australia Summer School in Canberra. The theme was German Traditions. Well there are certainly a lot of them as Germany is rather regional. It came down to two very different festivals St Martinsfest and Krampus. Check them out on youtube there is lots!! Both are celebrations during the winter month in Germany.  The participants created a lantern and a mask as well as a costume during the week. It culminated in a fantastic procession at night with candles lighting up the lanterns and each Australian Krampus version introducing him/herself to all the other participants. There were lots of brilliant results, laughter and enjoyment and the photos only show a small section of the created works though will give you an idea.

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