Monday, 21 April 2014

Marionette Gallery 9 - Brotha M -

Hey I had no opportunity to say something what sort of introduction is that and why so late?

Ok ok Brotha M no panic this Gallery is not in order of size, beauty or fame, its more like rolling dice.

Excuse me? who rolled for me? nobody has invited me! I have heard nothing about it, this calls for an inquiry!

Ok here we go have a say...........

 Brotha M is certainly a great figure, its action packed, funny and a lot more. Yes and he is trick marionette as well. His dance moves and beat boxing were on TV and he is a sidekick to a number of shows. The M stands for Mustava, the original figure that had a number of adventures with his granddad. So when Rumpelstiltzkin goes Hip Hop was created he sort of emerged and got dressed accordingly. Yes as part of the show he certainly has toured the globe in a suitcase. Not the most comfortable but never mind it was free. Enjoy him during one of the performances.

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