Tuesday, 8 April 2014

touring diary 2

Yes home again and two blogs in a row. Have to work on my tech skills to be able to post when touring.

Here are the Dwarfs from Mairehau school in Christchurch. Snow White and the seven dwarfs was the show chosen by schools on this tour most often. Part of it is the participation of children and teachers as Dwarfs. They converse with my marionette dwarf and check on Snow Whites health ...... oh my, no pulse she must be dead. Not to worry the prince is not far away.
Again a close encounter after the show is a great start to follow up activities in a school. The whole tour was so successful that I have to plan another time this year to tour the lower South Island.

Another row of Dwarfs this time from Hamner Springs. Very special Dwarfs there, they hang out at the hot springs and seem to have a jolly time when ask what they do all day.

So many ideas and stories hope to keep it more up to date on my next tour away from Wellington. Thanks to all participants!

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