Friday, 25 April 2014

Not only marionettes

YES was a table top theater I did a number of years back. Sometimes other forms of puppet theater are just better suited for certain shows and ideas. YES dealt with immigration, natures devastation through human activities and identity. A show without words, it traveled well around Europe's puppet festival circuit and Asia
The main characters head could come of and he went onto a search of identity, which happens when everything is ruined.
His large overcoat hat a second edition and he could 'discover' it.

The figure was a joy to operate. Carved from Totara, a native New Zealand timber known for its durability, in conjunction with the costume, it had this earthen look to it. That fitted nicely with the stage which was a mountain of sand.
You can see the construction here. As a solo player the figure has to be easy, durable and no fuss. Once the head flew of on two hawks wings preserved from a road kill it became surreal and dreamlike.

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  1. Thank you Mr Hausberg from Miss J and Room 11 at St Francis de Sales. We are all making 3 string marionettes this afternoon (after we watched your great instructions on how to make them!). Then we are going to get out puppets to explain all SORTS of things (because that's what Miss J is teaching us at the moment.... :-) ) We will show you how they turn out!
    Room 11 SFDS.