Sunday, 8 June 2014

Marionette Gallery 10 - the doctor saved the horse

The last blog entry told you about the terrible accident the horse had. Loosing a leg is no easy matter for a horse. Shooting it was one option, though the brilliant surgical skills of our resident marionette doctor, Norbert Hausberg, saved the animal and like you see in the image, it is healed and fully functional in a day. That is close to a miracle.
This is one of my oldest marionettes still on active duty. It did remarkably well with all the touring in New Zealand and around the globe. Certainly you might argue about the likeliness to the real thing, but that is not what it is about. When it strides out for the first time it creates laughter each time. With another Marionette on its back, like Brotha M, it makes the audience question how it is done. Why don't the strings tangle with the other Marionette jumping on and off?  Just those little tricks of the trade!

And to make sure it is not photo shopped, the horse in full flight, ready for the next show. Hopefully near you! Cheers and stay tuned

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