Saturday, 7 June 2014

On the road in Hawkes Bay and accidents do happen

The week in Napier and surrounds was very successful with many highlight and funny stories do happen too. During Rumpelstiltskin at the Century Theatre in Napier, Brotha M left the forest on his horse and one hind leg fell off. I looked over the backdrop, picked up the leg and ask 'is there a doctor in the audience'. Everybody started to laugh and yes you have to make the most out of the situation. It was a marionette I did make in Germany before I immigrated to New Zealand all this years ago. I suppose the Horse did quite well functioning without fail all those years.
Snow White in the afternoon, with a lovely family of voluntary dwarfs, was nearly sold out just fantastic!

The marionette making workshop at the Museums Education rooms was a lot of fun too. All the participants created a three string marionette and some showed them at the performance in the afternoon.

Here the group photo in the Museums foyer.

Until July we will be working in the greater Wellington area, no more Hotels, Motels and friends couches for a while. In July you might like to catch up with us in the Waikato! Looking forward to it.

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