Monday, 30 June 2014

puppet collection 2 Austria and Germany

Just a few more examples of the diversity of puppet. Collecting them might come with the profession. Here is one example of Dubeloski-Gellhorns puppets.The Figure is 100mm tall and the control underneath is another 100mm. I saw him perform many years ago in Austria. A very small table top stage and for a maximum audience of about 30. The underneath controll is very intriguing. Richard Teschner another Austrian puppeteer used a similar technique. Check him out too.
This idea of manipulation is used at a number of place around the world and worthwhile exploring.

Yes of course here is Kasper. The most traditional of traditional German hand puppets. My father told me stories of him visiting kasper performances in the 30s and it was very much like Punch and Judy. Though he changed dramatic over the years and is very much the helpful young man these days. The figure is 600mm tall. 
Marionette traditions in Europe go back a long time, well the oldest in my collection is this saxonian marionette from the 18 hundreds. There are books on how these companies toured with horse cards well into Russia and were on the road for years. This figure is 900mm tall.

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