Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Marionette Gallery 11 - The Moon

The Moon is the Moon and it is hard for this figure to avoid typecasting. A few blogs ago I wrote that my theatre works with Marionettes that are characters able to take on other roles. The Moon is one of a number of exceptions to this. Sometimes the idea comes up in me to use him as someone else and he can complain that he is not taken serious as Hamlet. Never mind, he is one of my very early figures. Created well before myself and the theatre moved to New Zealand. So I guess about 35 years old by now. The base is similar to my three string marionettes, just that head and hands are carved in wood. The string on the very right side is attached to the shoulder piece that is fixed to the head. The large piece of blue material gives him very a elegant movement. He performed extensively in Mustava and the Moon and participated in a large international festival in India and toured Korea with the play.
Mustava and the Moon was an original play and really successful here in New Zealand. Looking back the Moon could be a bit lighter. Though I was in the beginning of exploring carving and woodwork techniques and today half the weight would do nicely. Maybe I send him on a diet.

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