Saturday, 19 July 2014

Marionette Gallery 12 - The Aliens

For Mustava and the Moon there was a need for aliens. His Grandfather worked on a spaceship in the garage, Mustava does not believe it will fly and starts it by accident. He ends up on a far away planet and after being scared of them, helps the aliens against the thread of comets.

Here they are all together. I only used three for the show but they all had a go at being on the stage. Nice to swap them around a bit. They all have in common that they are made from wood and painted. Contrasting colours were important for the impact when they enter the stage as well as they had to be very different from the dressed marionettes. One, the ball on wheels, Alpha had an introduction in a previous blog entry.

This one was the bird like creature. The mouth could open really wide and the squawking sound it made was impressive. Its constructed from pieces of plywood, cut at different angles.

This yellow and blue one is based on the same mechanics as the classic marionette of the dancing skeleton. The head can float and the body falls apart, rather effective.

This red and yellow one is difficult to operate but the stride across the stage with those thin looong legs is beautiful.
Last but not least the clumsy Cyclop with the knee joints folding both ways. This makes for a very interesting sitting motion.
Recently I used the idea of painted marionettes again while creating the magic fish for the production of Titanic. Well it was a mix of Titanic and the fable of the fisherman and his wife. More about that another time. Thanks for reading and leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions. Next two week we will be on tour in the Waikato, a province of New Zealand just south of Auckland.  Cheers


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