Saturday, 26 July 2014

taking them to the exhibition and touring diary 5 - whow 7 images and a video clip

Great to be touring the upper part of the North Island. Yes all on the way to get to Kaitaia the very north of the north here in New Zealand. The Waikato with its lush hills, best dairy country in the world, is beautifull for touring. The greater area around Hamilton has a large population that enjoy a visit. This weekend though it was up to Auckland and Orewa to deliver my Marionettes to the exhibition of performing objects at the Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa.
Started with packing my five friends savely into the box for transport. Goethe, the Dragon, Gamma the Alien Bird, the blue Accountant and the Peha-Ane-Tonga.
Put into their sleeping bags and packed with bubble wrap they hopefully travel safely in my stationwagon.

All went well travelling the week on Waikato roads to arrive at Orewa. Here is Kim, the Director and Curator, standing in the corner of the Gallery where they will be displayed during August. Certainly a great event with workshops and shows. Hopefully to be repeated bianually.

Back in Auckland I went to the Viaduct area to see my friend Jonathan puppeteer extraordinaire. He currently busks with a singing Skeleton. The Sunday visitors loved it check out his website Good to catch up with him after 10 years. Hope we see us again later when I tour the far North.

And here the video!

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