Sunday, 10 August 2014

Marionette Gallery 13 - Three Beggars -

Here they are the three beggars. They were my first experiment with multiple figures on one control. As a solo player you have to experiment with how to get more characters on stage. The problem of course is that there is not a lot of individual movement. Its more of a group entrance and action. This is, to judge by the audience reaction, very comical indeed. Though timing is crucial and overdoing it kills the whole thing. The three participated in some Till Eulenspiegel plays and Fastnachtsspiele. Yes it looks a bit Middle Ages and right you are! The other innovation I tried was loose fingers. Two of the figures have their fingers tied to a base which created noise, with the wood clunking together, as well as additional movement.
There are a few multiple figures in my creations, culminating in the seven dwarfs from the famous fairytale. More about that another time. For my current project of Beauty and the beast there will also be a set of twins on one control with better movement and graze I hope.

Cheers and keep on reading and exploring this little blog.

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