Monday, 25 August 2014

Marionette gallery 14 - The seven dwarfs

The seven Dwarfs from the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Snow White. It is part of world heritage and Walt Disney promoted it to his profit very well. For me the dwarfs were never the cute little figures created in the USA. Before I carved them in wood in 1999 I reflected on them and their life. Digging for gold and diamonds is no walk in the park. Accidents do happen and leave their marks on the body of the little miners. They are also not that jolly either. So some have an eye missing crippled fingers or other mishaps.

The next problem was how to get them on to the stage. The solution, a controlle that can have them appear as 'one' or in a group of three or two groups of two. This gave a lot of combination and action possibilities. As a choreographed appearance they created a lot of laughs. When they moved together, one for all and all for one, forward backward or in circles it was hilarious.  There needed to be a more articulated figure as well. So the leader dwarf was created as a solo marionette
Here he is the leader of the pack. With his big solid hands that can swing the pick and shovel with ease. He could interact on stage as an individual and after leaving the stage could return with all his mates.

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