Thursday, 21 August 2014

the presence of the past, before the internet got BIG, 1990 and 1994

Reorganising my house shifting and changing, it is amazing what comes to the fore. From times before the internet was around and yes there were festivals too. And yes if its not on the net some might think it did/does not exist.
1990 might seem long ago. Strings Attached was one of the invited performers at the 150 years Treaty of Waitangi Celebrations. We performed Mustava and the Moon in the Waitangi visitors centre at 2.30 and 5 pm. Those were certainly memorable days, with the Bay full of large sailing shops and a large fleet of Wakas. A bit like a time warp of 150 year earlier. 
The same year, the show travelled to a huge Puppet Festival in India.
It was a dream representing New Zealand there. With practitioners from around the world, truly international. Africa and the Americas, Europe and Asia, Australia yes and Aotearoa, New Zealand. The show ranged from the traditional, like the Vietnamese Waterpuppets, to Massimo Schuster from France who presented an avant garde show that incorporated figures created from a Meccano set.

1994 was another exciting year with a festival tour around Europe. Performing YES, a table top production with the main figure digging itself out of a sandhill. The highlight, certainly being part of the main programme in Charleville-Mezieres that year. The show was very well received at each festival. Returning home to Wellington that year with a very different feel of internationality.

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