Saturday, 9 November 2013

Marionette Construction

There are so many ways to put it all together its not funny. From the Marionette control right down to the way the legs and arms are attached is open to different possibilities. Should you have any questions about what I do and you want to know it in more detail just write a comment, happy to share. There is no perfect one way solution, there are many ways to achieve your aim. I carve my figures, well at least the hands and heads. Wood gives me a good weight for each Marionette and helps it not to tangle. That proofed successful as some of my characters are past their 30th birthday and still work smooth and perfectly like the day they were made.  In contrast to many other theatres, well all the ones I know and heard of, I tend to work on a character base. Meaning that instead of creating a set for one show, they are individual characters that get put together for a performance. So some of  them perform in a number of different shows.

When the carving is done tend to work on the body structure. Next is the painting and costume creation. Should one step not proof right, just go back and try again. All planning in the world does not beat the hands on experience. The last step is to attach them to their control and make a sleeping bag for them.

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