Sunday, 24 November 2013

RUMPELSTITZKIN a Brothers Grimm Fairytale

Rumpelstiltzkin is certainly my favourite fairytale. All characters seem to be a shade of grey, the miller tells white lies, the king is greedy and gullible, the miller’s daughter sees potential of advancement and Rumpelstiltzkin well he tries to help but maybe asks for more than he should. It makes it very human in a way, as we can ask who is without blame. There are many other readings for it and it’s a great way to discuss moral ethics with children. My King, a rather down on his luck one, sees a chance to regain wealth and here is a little scene with him complaining. Brotha M, the brother of Mustava, is a street smart wise guy and most of the time overenthusiastic. He can’t help himself as you might notice in the little sketch. This tale is just a brilliant story for all ages with a lot of contemporary sidelines. Find time to watch the whole show somewhere near you. Have a little taste with two characters of the team.

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