Friday, 8 November 2013

Trick Marionette

Trick marionette
Marionettes or Puppets on Strings are a rather old idea of mankind. We find string operated puppets in one form or another in most parts of the world, from the rather simple to the very complex. Though complexity does not mean they are interesting on stage or have audience impact. Complexity means rather more strings and different ways to organise the Marionette. Today I would like to introduce one of my latest creations, finished mid 2013. He can independently elongate the arms or the legs or the neck or all at the same time. On average it takes me between ten days to two weeks for a Marionette, though this one certainly was more time consuming during its creation.
For rather to long a spooky story is in my mind....... he will be one of the participants in it. With his groovy sinister look and sly smile, black silk outfit and twelve fingers, pale yellow white skin and staring eyes, just the sort of guy one wants to meet at night time in a dark alley.
Over the years I did create a number of different trick marionettes for various shows... stay tuned and you will meet them all.

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