Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Productions past and present

Productions of the last 30 years which are not in chronological order

In these productions I have often taken well known and loved stories, then putting my own twist on them, but more often creating original material.

           Rumpelstiltzkin a Brother Grimm Fairytale

·         Jack and the Beanstalk

·         Snow White and the seven Dwarfs

·         Fading memories

·         Mustava and the Moon

·         Mustava and the Kauri Giant

·         Plays by Hans Sachs and Till Eulenspiegel

·         Yes - Tabletop Theatre Production about New Zealand’s History

·         Little Red  Riding Hood

·         Commissioned production from Dominion Museum for Davida Allen show

·         Commissioned production for the Goethe Institute for Classroom work in Australia and New Zealand

·         Rumpelstiltzkin goes Hip Hop together production with Musicisthelanguage

·         Videos without words production with Musicisthelanguage

·         Titanic the Marionette show

·         Beauty and the Beast – in production

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